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Buena Vida Media was founded in 2012 by Janie Flores an award winning business strategist and social entrepreneur.

Janie is passionate about making the dreams of her clients a reality and catapulting them to success as they transform the world around them. She has received numerous awards for her impact on thousands of small business owners in South Florida and across the US in working to close the digital divide. Most recently she was named a Hispanic Woman of Distinction 2020, she also received the Quiet Storm Award in Media and was featured in Voyage Miami.

Janie launched the "Janie Flores Live" Radio Show in 2017 to highlight the positive contributions made by the multicultural community in the US and has interviewed over 300 entrepreneurs from across the nation. 

Janie now embarks on the next initiative to create major impact in the Latino business community after seeing the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on Hispanic small business owners. The Latinx Connective will interview 5,000 entrepreneurs and provide each of them a press release in the next five years to use as leverage for creating awareness and strengthening their companies to help them weather economic downturns or pandemics.